”Basically, I work with art directors, copywriters, and developers and hope to inspire them to work as hard as they can to create the best work they can. I make sure that when we present work to the clients, we’re bringing them the best work.”

-Andrew Lincoln, Creative Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky


From my point of view a Creative Director is responsible for understanding and articulating a client’s vision, directing it down through creative professionals (or groups of creative professionals), enforcing brand and style continuity, checking mile markers, and managing various positions until the project has reached its final manifestation. We are responsible for the main look, style and feel of a project. A Creative Director may wear many “hats” to accomplish all of the goals that need to be met. We may temporarily take on rolls such as Concept Designer, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Copywriter…anything we can do to make a project “flow” easier and get things done! It is important that a Creative Director does not get stuck in any one of these rolls when the task is at a hand-off point or finished.  He or she will need to return to upholding the client’s vision for the overall project and let Creatives do what they do best: CREATE!

Creative Directors need to have a solid relationship with integral decision-makers of his/hers company such as the CEO, CFO, Project Managers and the like.  To achieve a consistent overview of company’s mission statement, goals, budget, profitability and business style; a balance of communication, collaboration and directive development between these key rolls is crucial to the overall success and strategy of the company. Likewise, the Creative Director is the link between the client’s campaign goals and the finished project. The skill sets and management exercised by both parties hopefully ensues a symbiotic and profitable venture for both.

Now that we’ve talked about business let’s get down to the bare bones. The chief and most vital aspect of Creative Direction is to inspire, encourage, challenge, direct and creatively spawn the best work a team of people can accomplish. Our work, in its final presentation, should speak a message of relevance in a new and interesting way. Everyday each of us experiences life. We have our own perspectives, thoughts, ideas, idealisms and values that shape the meaning of our existence. We must, at some point, share our realities and collaborate an understanding of higher collective thinking that binds our relationships together. This has a deep impact on all of us. For better or worse we create wars, fall in love, make business, spread propaganda, form societies and explore untouched territories of space and mind that lead to new discoveries. These are pinnacle steps towards our advancement and evolution as a human species. We have a choice. We can create these relationships with understanding and love, or, we can create these relationships with a purpose of destruction, malice and ego. As a Creative Director it is my intention to propagate a collaborative culture of understanding and trust so that we can be the best versions of ourselves. In this way we can achieve goals that are otherwise next to impossible fulfill alone.

Each of us are meant to be brave, to explore, to be innovative, to communicate, to foster understanding, to be persistent and pursue excellence. We can do it, together.